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All The Stuff And More Vol. 2 1991


07 maggio


Bongiovi - Erdelyi - Ed Stasium


Voce: Joey Ramone

Chitarra: Johnny Ramone

Batteria: Richie Ramone (R)

Batteria: Marky Ramone (M)

Batteria: Tommy Ramone (T)

Basso: Dee Dee Ramone

BRANI: Cretin Hop (T) – Rockaway Beach (T) – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (T) – Locket Love (T) – I Don’t Care (T) – Sheena Is APunk Rocker (T) – We’re A Happy Family (T) – Teenage Lobotomy (T) – Do You Wanna Dance? (T) – I Wanna Be Well (T) – I Can’t Give You Anything (T) – Ramona (T) – Surfin Bird (T) – Why Is It Always This Way? (T) – Slung (M) – I Want You Around (M) – I Just Want To Have Something To Do (M) – I Wanted Everything (M) – Don’t Come Close (M) – I Don’t Want You (M) – Needles And Pins (M) – I’m Against It (M) – I Wanna Be Sedated (M) – Go Mental (M) – Questioningly (M) – She’s The One (M) – Bad Brain (M) – It’s A Long Way Back (M) – I Don’t Want To Live This Life (Anymore) (R) – Yea, Yea (M)

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