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Rock’n’roll high school 1979


04 agosto


Ed Stasium


Voce: Joey Ramone

Chitarra: Johnny Ramone

Batteria: Marky Ramone

Basso: Dee Dee Ramone

BRANI: Rock ‘n’ roll High School – I Want You Around – Come On Let’s Go – Ramones Medley: Blitzkrieg Bop – Teenage Lobotomy – California Sun – Pinhead – She’s The One – Sot It Goes (Nick Lowe) – Energy Fools The Magician (Eno) – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (P.J. Soles) – Come Back Jonee (Devo) – Teenage Depression (Eddie & The Hot Rods) – Smoking In The Boys’ Room (Brownsville Station) – School Days (Chuck Berry) – A Dream Goes On Forever – (Todd Rundgren) School’s Out (Alice Cooper)

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