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Venerdì 15 aprile 2016

RAMONES 1976 is coming…

“The first test pressing of the vinyl version of the Ramones 40th Anniversary reissue that we worked on at Abbey Road arrived. It sounds just like the Ramones original record which is great and loud. What a surprise. The A side has the same scroll in the run out grooves as the first pressing of the original and there’s a new one for the 2016 version on the B side.”  CRAIG LEON

“We have worked on a remastering of the first album and everything that exists from that time in the band’s career.There’s vinyl, CD and download. It was all supervised by me. Some original vocals with original lyrics and other rare things are in the packages but you will have to check with your local Warner Music distributor to find out the release date and which things will be released at what time in various places. It’s different everywhere and I don’t have the exact info.” Craig Leon write to us.


Road to ruin 40th anniversary deluxe edition

Mercoledì 25 luglio 2018 Il 21 settembre "Road to ruin" deluxe Il 21 settembre uscirà per la Rhino records: "Road to ruin 40th anniversary deluxe edition! Il cofanetto racchiude 3 cd + 1 lp, questo il contenuto dettagliato: Disco 1 Original Mix Remastered I Just Want...

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Aggiunta nella memorabilia riviste

Lunedì 23 luglio 2018 Aggiunta nella memorabilia riviste! Abbiamo aggiunto alcune riviste o giornali: RIVISTE/GIORNALI USA 1978 - All The Young Dudes 1980 - The Agora News 1992 - The free Press RIVISTA INGHILTERRA 2018 Vive le rock! Clikkate qui per vedere la sezione...

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12 luglio: “Ramones movie soundtrack exhibition”

Giovedì 12 luglio 2018 Al Punk rock raduno 3 apre: "Ramones movie soundtrack exhibition" Ci siamo qualche giorno e inizia il punk rock raduno 3!!!!!!!!!! Ramones.world partecipa all’evento con una nuova mostra (all’interno dell’Edonè per tutta la durata del festival)...

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